Banda held whistle stop tours in several areas in the Capital City which Malawi Congress Party claims it is the Party’s stronghold.


During the whistle stop campaign President Dr. Joyce Banda said to the massive crowds that gathered in Kalambo 25, Chinsapo, Area 2 town and Kauma that the Peoples Party government will continue the developments when voted to power on May 20.
All the way people chanted that Dr. Joyce Banda “Owinawina” meaning she is already the winner for the May 20 tripartiate elections.
The Orange sea which was seen all over Lilongwe even made commentetors to endorse Dr. Joyce Banda as the winner of the May 20 tripartiate elections saying Dr. Joyce Banda has proven she has strongholds in every region.
The Peoples Party manifesto has not left out anyone it has covered the poor and vulnerable, the disabled, youth and the rich.
Dr. Joyce Banda has asked the People of Lilongwe to employ her and make her their President so that a transformed Malawi is achieved because It is possible “Ndizotheka.”

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