Stop Stressing and Talk to a Career Counsellor

Each and every one of us is a mixing bowl of potential, filled with individual talents and skills, dreams and desires, goals and an eagerness to accomplish something. But how do we  blend all those ingredients together to end up with a career we excel at and enjoy?

This question, and the adventure we undertake when we answer it, can arise at any point in a person’s life, but it begins for most when they are entering their senior years of high school. It’s a common rite of passage: students facing choices  when several post-secondary directions beckon.  Which field should you pick? Where do you want  to go to college or university? Is going directly to  employment after secondary school an option?  What about apprenticeship training?
No one can speak for everyone, but it is clear that making those choices at that early age can be  a heavy burden.

However, there are ways to reduce the anxiety—people and services you can turn to in order to help you make the smartest decision for your future.

When we look for sources of help, we find that the options are virtually unlimited. Let’s forget  that the online world exists and go traditional for  a moment. To start, make a list of all the people  in your life that you could go to for advice about  anything. By the time you are finished, the size  of the list will almost certainly amaze you. Don’t  leave anyone out—parents, friends, other family  members, coaches, teachers, and guidance  counsellors. Include them all. Each will have different  perspectives and offer you different styles  of advice.

Speak to each of them and compile what they say into an overall picture. Evaluate what they say  carefully. All this is important, because you’re making  a choice that will shape the rest of your life.

Yes. Go and speak to a career counsellor

Of course, there’s another choice that in some ways is simpler. You can go and speak to a career counsellor who works at one of the local post-secondary institutions. They answer these questions every day and are always happy to help someone shape their future. A good example of someone who’s benefited from career counselling is Ally Bottero, a 22-year-old public relations student at Algonquin College in Ottawa who started her post-secondary career taking film studies at Carleton University. After a couple of years, Bottero realized that, though she loved film studies, she wanted to make a change to something else.

“I went into the registrar’s office at Carleton and ended up speaking with one of their career counsellors. I told her that I didn’t know what direction I was going and I thought that maybe I needed a change. We chatted for almost an hour and through the entire chat we somehow ended up talking about the PR program at Algonquin College. It turns out I have the right mindset for communications. I don’t know if I would have found my way there if I hadn’t spoken to a career counsellor—and I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made,” said Bottero.

Granted, the personal conversation approach won’t work for everyone, but there are useful online tools and services that are available all the time and make an excellent fallback option. Such services can be a less subjective and more comprehensive source of career counselling information. For many, it’s produced great results.

It’s a Juggle

It’s a Juggle is an effective and easy-to-use career counselling and advancement tool available free for anyone. The original concept for It’s a Juggle came from Dr. Linda Pardy, Senior Partner at The Pardy Group, who conceived it as as a toolkit for building sustainable career success.

“We design sustainable student success for the 21st century workplace,” Pardy says. “To do this, we work with higher education and business leaders to support learners in achieving ongoing success in a complex economy.” As a professor of communications and a business partner, Pardy straddles the worlds of business and education, giving her a rich perspective from which to offer help. That help is crucially important, she says, because it helps learners “build better life stories.”

Essentially, the site offers a step-by-step planning platform that can help you answer all of the questions that arise while you plan your future. Everything from academic planning, career assessments, career planning, advice to both entrepreneurs and small business owners, all the way through to managing your mental health throughout the process can be considered through using this tool. After reviewing what the site has to offer—and knowing that I am already happily placed in my dream career in communications—I can see how much easier the path would have been if I had known about this at the beginning.

Life is complex. Tools help

There are some extremely specific tools online to help with individual aspects of your plan.  It isn’t your typical “college finder” app because it has a far more personal feel. This planner will walk you through the process of finding the perfect post-secondary school, allowing you to search out programs and schools by asking about your interests, the subjects you like, and any schools you might have your heart set on already. I believe this to be a far more pertinent way to go than just trying to answer the cliché question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Obviously, careers are not what they used to be, nor are the people who pursue them. Rarely do you see students coming fresh out of high school with all the answers—though they might think they have them—and moving directly onto their life’s pursuits. The world is just not that simple anymore. It’s quite typical for people to follow multiple career paths, by choice or by circumstance, before they eventually retire from the working world.

Career counselling makes life easier for all demographics. We all face challenges moving through life and no one can truly say they knew or know where exactly they should be heading. Ask the questions, find the answers, and plan your future. Not an easy task, I know, but there are many services available to help you make the important decisions.for more info, check out avant career


How to create A Vision For Your Career

All of life’s journeys begin with the phrase, “I want.”

Think about your career and the times when you said “I want.” Maybe you said “I want” go to college-and then enrolled in school and completed your degree. Maybe you said “I want” to work for a large or a small company-and you are working there now. Maybe you said “I want” to lead teams-and that’s one of your current responsibilities. “I want” is a very powerful phrase. Without it, it’s hard to go very far.

Imagine going on a trip without selecting a destination beforehand. What would you pack? How would you get there? Where would you stay? Your trip probably would not end up being much fun.

It’s the same with your career. Not being able to visualize your desired result leads to results not happening. Goals are reached when you decide what you want, and then take action to get it. Without an end in mind, you will wander aimlessly; and as long as you are aimless, you will be wasting time. You will feel lost. You will be like a stray leaf, going wherever the wind takes you.

What’s a Vision?

My definition of a vision is a visualization or a picture of where you see yourself in the future. Your picture can be one of where you want to be in a day, a week, a month, a year, or even farther into the future. The visualization of your goal is what compels you to move forward. A vision is a snapshot of what you want your career and life to look like in the future. This snapshot gives your journey a clear and reachable destination and provides focus.
All goals are reached in the mind first. You see yourself both achieving that goal and experiencing the satisfaction it will bring you once you are there. This picture is what will help you to persevere during times of doubt. Your picture of success will give you purpose, power, and excitement. Your picture will give you a reason to get out of bed every day.

How do you create a Vision?

Close your eyes. Let your imagination take over. Get in touch with what you really want and what is important to you. Ask yourself meaningful questions. Let the answers come to you.

What Questions will help get you to a Vision quickly?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

If it was possible, what would be different in my career?
What type of job would I have?
What would I be responsible for?
What type of boss/co-workers/team would I have?
What kind of hours would I work?
What type of company would I work for?
What sort of culture would the company have?
What city would I live in?
How much money would I make?
How would I handle stress, my workload, and deadlines?

Once you have thought about these questions, it is time to get your answers down on paper. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. The answers are what is true for you-not what someone else wants for you, but what is truly in your heart. Listen to yourself, and your answers will be the perfect ones for you. Once you have your vision, then it’s time to make it real. So, what do you say? You only have one life to live, so it might as well be a life you love!for more info, check out avant career

Top 5 jewellers in Washington D.C.

Market street diamonds

For over a century, Market Street Diamonds has built its reputation based on a tradition of distinctive, devoted excellence and service. Founded by a sixth-generation Belgium diamond cutter, Market Street Diamonds opened its doors to provide exquisite, never-before-seen diamond cuts to a growing New York City elite. Over one hundred years later we proudly continue the diamond renaissance, delighting in quality, craftsmanship and imagination.

Continental Jewelers

Since 1971 Continental Jewelers has been a landmark in the Golden Triangle area of Washington, DC. Exceptional service and prices have given us the much appreciated reputation that continues today. We specialize in diamond engagement rings, fashion jewelry and fine Swiss timepieces.

We are constantly monitoring overseas and national diamond markets to ensure that you will get the highest quality diamond for your money.

SAFE EARTH DESIGN                                                                                                                                       Twenty-two years after establishment, our endeavor to be a part of this ever changing market continues and has ensured that we remain in the forefront. As we believe- “The only constant in life is CHANGE”

As a company, we started with exporting fashion jewellery and diversified into home goods. More than two decades later, we feel the need to revisit jewellery keeping up with the trends and therefore have entered into the realm of jewellery manufacturing.Emphasizing on manufacturing, we are involved with every step of the process from designing to producing the goods. This is being done in our own socially complaint premises.The jewellery items are made of metal based alloys such as lead-free brass/copper sourced from Italy. Our collection also includes silver and we can produce 14K to 18K gold styles on request.

Bensons Jewelers

Bensons goal is to supply stylish jewelry, diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry to the DC community that is both high in quality and in value. While many jewelers tend to have similar jewelry styles and brands, we have chosen many that are unique and exclusive to Bensons.

You will find our showroom to be relaxed and comfortable with a friendly staff that is ready to answer any questions you may have.


Gorman Jewelers

We demand a commitment from our designers, many of whom use recycled metals. We insist on ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones and can provide conflict-free diamonds and Fair Trade gemstones that are guaranteed by supply chain transparency. We believe that if our jewelry reflects its wearer, then our store reflects our business ethics.

As a result, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of responsible business practices.

Ball Bearing Components by

Ball bearings are comprised of four major parts: a large ring (outer ring), a small ring (inner ring), balls between the rings (steel balls), and a cage to prevent the balls from hitting each other.


The modern structure dates back to around 1500, when Leonardo da Vinci invented ball bearings to reduce friction against the axles of horsedrawn carts. For more than 500 years, the ball bearing has been defined by this simple structure.

Contact us

MAIN ROAD, Delhi – 110088, India

Aland Maritime Museum

The Aland Maritime Museum is a museum in Mariehamn in the Aland Islands, Finland. It is located in the western part of the town on the sea on Hamangtan, about 1 km at the other end of Storangatan. Along with Alands Museum it is the most important museum in the islands and a monument to the past glory of Alanland claim as the holder the worlds largest fleet of wooden sailing ships in the past.

The major piece of the museum is a four-masted barque named Pommern moored in the harbour which was built in Glasgow in 1903, which is anchored behind the museum building. The traditional museum designed like a ship prow cutting into the land, has been called the “kitsch museum of fishing and maritime commerce.”

Aland-Maritime-MuseumThe Aland Maritime Museum is considered as one of the world finest museums related to merchant sailing ships. The building that depicts this glory is laid out in two floors with a plethora of objects relevant to the past glory of the shipping era. The museum has a library wing which has large collection of old archives of books and photos. Souvenirs of books, picture post cards are also available on sale in the museum shop.

The museum has created the central core of a ship depicting a mast, saloon, galley and cabins. The Ships figureheads, which have been moot witness to events of shipwreck, storms and other glorious or inglorious incidents, have been displayed along with boats; the prominent figurehead displayed is that of the male statue which once decorated the ship, the “California”.

In addition, nautical trappings, a number of ships in bottles and sea chests are also on display. Portraits of the paintings of the ships, done by local artists that were specially commissioned by the captain of every ship are exhibited in the museum. Even the models of the ships of different times have been prepared thought fully for display on a uniform scale model so that even now the difference between a Baltic schooner and an ocean-going windjammer could be easily discerned.

Education is the first and foremost need for overall human

Rajasthan Governor Kalyan Singh today said education is the first and foremost need for overall human as well as social development and progress.   Rajasthan Governor Kalyan Singh today said education is the first and foremost need for overall human as well as social development and progress.   The Governor, while presiding over the third convocation of Kota University, called upon the students to embrace education with genuine spirit for knowledge. He emphasised the need to incorporate skill development, yoga and employment prone curriculum into the syllabus.


The Governor conferred upon 190 PhD degrees and 360 medals and certificates to the scholars and students of various faculties of university. Earlier this morning, the Governor unveiled the statue of Swami Vivekananda in the premises of the university. Meanwhile on the occasion, the students and scholars were clad in traditional Indian attire instead of black gown. The Governor had earlier ordered to replace black gown, terming it a symbol of British times, with traditional Indian attire in University convocationsn.

60% Of Online Shoppers are Men: CouponDunia Half Yearly Insights CY 2015 Decoding Metro Shoppers

The latest half yearly infographics released by CouponDunia for CY 2015 is titled – “Decoding Metro Shoppers”. The report unveils interesting insights about choice of brands, devices, categories, favourite days of couponing in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore; as listed below.

* Friday is the most popular day across three cities to look up coupons for recharges, fashion, dining and commuting

* 71% of people in metro cities are shopping via smartphones.

* 60% of the metro city shoppers are men.

* Most searched brands by men are Paytm, Freecharge and Snapdeal while Paytm and Dominos are women’s favourite search.

* Most coupons are redeemed on Paytm, Snapdeal, Ebay and Amazon.

* 41% of coupon searches are from Delhi.

* There is an average rise of 247% in search for dining coupons in metro cities.

* Ola is more popular in bangalore than other cities.

* Paytm is the most popular brand for age group of 25-34 years.

* Delhi coupon usage has increased by 18%.

Commenting on the released report, Ankita Tandon, COO of CouponDunia said, “2015’s half yearly analysis emphasizes on how shoppers are embracing discount coupons and deals as part of their lifestyle to derive more value out of their shopping experiences. In this analysis we found that the shoppers use mobile more than any other device to access discount coupons. Shoppers in these three cities are using coupons extensively during weekends. With these trends, slowly and steadily we are heading towards our goal of inculcating the ‘habit of saving’ in every Indian shopper.”